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3 Reasons to Choose Doing Business Learning Events?

You actually learn what we said you will learn. We also give you a feedback opportunity to let us know if we have fallen short of your expectations or exceeded them.

That you can actually implement what you learnt from our classes so that you do not end up with just knowledge and theories.

That your learning and development does not stop when the class ends. That is why we have the Doing Business Community so that you can continue to develop yourself at your chosen pace.

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Other Learning Opportunities


Product Development and Income Streams for MSMEs

Product development is an ever-changing process depending on the nature of the product or the manager who is managing the process. Some organizations have a dedicated team that conducts researches and tests on new products, while smaller organizations may outsource the new product development to a marketing agency.

However, whether product development is done in-house or outsourced, it is essential that the business owner understands the importance of developing the best products for their business and how products can enhance or limit their business expansion efforts.


  • What is Cashflow?

  • What is Product Development?

  • Standard Product Development Method (Steps 1 to 8)

  • Product Development Tools

  • Course review

Globalization concept

Immersive Business Development Course  – Using Facebook and Instagram Marketing to Power Your Business Growth

Topics (2 topics per day):

  • Facebook Business Manager and the Key Parameters

  • Content Development and VRIN Scores

  • How and When to Use Cold and Warm Audiences and How to Convert the New Audiences to Warm Audiences

  • Mastering Retargeting to Generate Maximum ROI on Ad Spend

  • How to Scale Using Lookalike Audiences

  • Facebook / IG Hacks and Secrets

  • Course review

  • Course Project (1 month follow-up)

Immersive Business Development Course  – Customer Engagement Through Content Development Strategies

Duration for complete course immersion: 4 Days (Participants must come with their own laptops, Wi-fi will be provided)

Topics (2 topics per day):

  • Generating and Developing Content Ideas and VRIN Scores

  • Brand-centered and Product-centered Content Development

  • Essential Content Planner Tools and Strategies

  • Content Growth Secrets for SMEs

  • Going Borderless Through Content Development and Management

  • Building Your Team

  • Website / Blog Master Class

  • Fundamentals of LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Instagram Marketing

  • Course review

  • Course Project (1 month follow-up)