Forsythe Co-operative Investment and Credit Society (CICS)

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Vision Statement:

Provide bespoke financial markets services to persons of all ages, seeking financial freedom and improved standards of living.


Why Choose Forsythe?


  • To give our clients the most compelling financial services experience possible, by offering superior customer service and advisory.


  • To contribute immensely to improved standards of living by offering investment and capacity building opportunities.


  • To promote financial inclusion and access to financial intelligence.


About Us

Forsythe CICS is a registered cooperative under the Ministry of Commerce since 2016. Forsythe offers credit, financial markets, and crowdfunded investment opportunities to customers.


Forsythe CICS is a results-oriented establishment with world-class customer service; committed to helping clients achieve financial expansion through the world’s largest financial markets.


Our Services

  1. 4Sythe Cooperative, Investment and Credit Society (CICS)

  • Investments from N200,000

  • Institutional Trading

  • Credit and Thrift Services


2. ITM Financial Markets and Services

  • Financial Markets Training (from N500, 000)

  • Brokerage Services


3. 4Sythe Doing Business 

  • Investments

  • Member’s Capacity Building and Learning Media

  • Business Advisory Services 



  • ITM Trading Ltd.

  • Africulture GBC Ltd.

  • Outsourceries Ltd.

  • Rose MCS


1ST floor, The Promenade

Tombia Extension

Port Harcourt,

Rivers State