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The world is changing like never before. To keep abreast of all the new developments. opportunities, and adapt to the ever - changing work landscape, we need to take global competitiveness seriously. 


At GBC Careers, we show you how to do just that by developing and maintainign a Global Business Culture (GBC) in your workplace.

What is GBC?

Global Business Culture is a combination of:

•Global Competitiveness

•Efficient Cross – Cultural Communication

and Influencing Skills

•World-class Productivity and Efficiency​

-Essential Technology Literacy

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The manager who creates a positive, high self-esteem workplace will have higher performance, lower absenteeism, lower employee turnover, higher productivity, and fewer mistakes.

Cultivating a global business culture in your establishment starts with you, the leader in the establishment.

A dysfunctional team is primarily the outcome of the activities of the leadership of that team.

People have a need to feel like respected members of your organization, participating and achieving the goals of the entire company.

When your team members possess a good level of self-confidence within the team, they will be more productive and you will benefit more from having hired them.

Our Leadership and Influencing skills learning packages are designed to position you to build a highly motivated team within your circle of influence.



More than 62% of Nigeria’s population are under 25 and it’s growing middle class makes up 23% of the population.

Strengths of the Nigerian market include:

  • Large consumer base with a growing middle class

  • Young and educated population

  • Biggest beneficiary of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa

  • Abundant natural resources

  • Many Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the developing infrastructure


Challenges doing business in Nigeria

While there are many opportunities for companies looking to do business in Nigeria, there are some challenges to be aware of. These include:

  • Poor power supply nationwide

  • Weak infrastructures across many sectors

  • Some security challenges in specific locations

  • Culture of bribery and government bureaucracy

  • High unemployment and poverty


These challenges present some of the greatest opportunities for investors such as the power sector, agriculture, security, real estate, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Winston Churchill

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

"World trade means competition from anywhere; advancing technology encourages cross-industry competition. Consequently, strategic planning must consider who our future competitors will be, not only who is here today."

-- Eric Allison, Uber