26 Team Leads on Leadership and Motivation

Twenty-six Team Leads were present at the Leadership and Motivation Workshop organized by Africulture GBC Ltd for staff of bank marketing departments in the South-South region.

During the session, Stephanie Pius spoke to the participants about the importance of understanding the basic factors underlying motivation of team members within the marketing department functions of their bank.

One of the major things that she pointed out were certain behaviours that are ignorantly rewarded by team leaders which eventually lead to the disunity among team leaders. She emphasized that team leaders need to consciously reward the types of team building behaviours that they actually want to encourage and cultivate among their team members instead of rewarding the opposite.

Participants highlighted various issues that they have experienced from their team leaders and bank branch managers that de-motivated them or that they would like to see changed. These were analysed in-depth and advise was given regarding such behavior and how to successfully manage a branch leader as a unit team leader.

Among the issues highlighted were circumventing of customer leads by fellow colleagues in a bid to meet targets set by the management. Some participants spoke about the averse effect this has had on their marketing efforts, and their desire to see it mitigated through dialogue and certain sanctions imposed by the management against such behavior.

The workshop was held in Abuloma and two regional directors of banks were present among the participants and they lauded Stephanie Pius on the passion and experience that she brought to the learning sessions.

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