An Evening With Stephanie Pius

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The biggest question on the minds of many entrepreneurs right now is: How can I get more customers for my goods or services?

The biggest question on the minds of many would-be entrepreneurs right now is: what product(s) can i develop that will fulfill a tangible need in the market?

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If you fall into any of these categories, then you would want to take advantage of the Doing Business community.

The Doing Business community is entitled to regular business webinars where we discuss business topics ranging from developing your online power to product development and business development.

The Doing Business Community actually came alive on the bi-weekly webinars in June 2020.

Now the webinars are available in both live and pre-recorded sessions. They are also available on our Social Network platforms.

The webinars are sometimes tutorials, at other times they are business presentations, and sometimes they are mentoring sessions.

The open webinars last between 50 minutes and 90 minutes while the private coaching sessions can last up to 5 hours in the programmes that come with an investment.

What is the Doing Business programme about?

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Online Power Webinars:

There has been a massive surge in the need for individuals and SMEs to adopt digital skills, enhance their online presence, and become more versatile at adopting life-long learning habits.

Join me on this very exciting journey as we discuss:

1. Tapping into your Social Power for business development

2. Re-positioning your business for online success

3. Displaying your capabilities and achievements to attract the right networks

4. An Implementation Roadmap for turning your knowledge into actual outcomes

The biggest problem people encounter when trying to learn digital skills is knowing what to learn that will be relevant to their career or business.

Once you know which areas of the online world to focus your learning efforts on so as to yield the maximum benefits to our business or career, the rest becomes easier.

During the free webinars, you will learn the business applications of Facebook and WhatsApp.

During the main course, you will learn various relevant digital skills, get a learning strategy tailored to your needs, and draft and implementation roadmap for your career or business.

Stephanie Pius has been in the media space since 2001 presenting TV programmes, hosting radio shows, launching magazines, and writing newspaper articles.

Apart from writing and publishing over a dozen books on topics of interest, Stephanie has also designed and produced content for over six websites and blogs. She has also managed the digital marketing activities of over a dozen Australian E-Commerce fashion and beauty companies.

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Stephanie has been in the banking industry since 2005 and is currently an non-executive director at New Dawn MFB. Her passion is helping MSME owners to succeed, break into new frontiers, and create opportunities for others.

At Africulture GBC, we believe you are an asset to Africa and that’s why we are inviting you to join the Doing Business programme to create economic opportunities for yourself and others. We look forward to collaborating with you on the Doing Business platform.

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