Borderless Icons: Liliane Attoungbre, Empowering African Establishments

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Women in business in Africa
Aya Liliane Attoungbre Carisi

What inspired you to venture into the development sector and what did you hope to achieve?

I spent 15 years working in the Banking industry and then the Oil and Gas industry. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to meet several players in the development world, which triggered my interests. In 2013, I decided to leverage my experience and network and founded Attoungbré Consulting & Services (ACS).

Having work experience in the UK and most African countries, I wanted to help foreign investors in their journey to develop their business in Africa, especially West Africa and Cote d’Ivoire. I wanted to have potential investors to go out of the main economic powerhouse that is Abidjan and meet people and their opportunities in the countryside.

Lagos Fashion Week June 2019

I focused on the Gbéké region in the center part of the country, as it is where the family hails from. I provide support to development institutions and European, American and Asian start-ups and small and medium investors. ACS is now in the process of developing its own Apps to leverage on the experience acquired and to expand onto new markets and reach new potential customers.

What is the Business Council of Africa and what role do you play as the in-country representative?

The Business Council for Africa (BCA) is a British not-for-profit company aiming at promoting business and investment on the African continent. The BCA uses over sixty years’ experience in Africa to provide its members with unique information and exposure to local business opportunities.

The Business Council for Africa BCA and Invest Africa (IA) merged in 2017 and since then the organisation has gone from strength to strength with 400 member companies and chapter cities in London, Dubai and Johannesburg.

At the Women's Economic Forum in New Delhi

As the In country representative (2016 – 2017) I was responsible for providing quarterly reports on the business and economic activities, forecasts and list of key events taking place in Cote d’Ivoire. I was providing logistic support to the BCA members for their trips to Cote d’Ivoire and promoting the interests of the BCA at the events I attended.

I have acquired invaluable experience through this assignment, increasing my network and learning about business ventures in different fields both in the public and the private sector.