Creating Applications and Doing E-Commerce in Nigeria

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Four years ago I had an idea, and the idea was based on the realization that a lot of people do not patronize made in Nigeria products. Now the truth is that we don’t know where to find good made in Nigeria products.

So I decided to develop my idea into what I call, a platform which allows people to buy and sell their products online such that both Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora can access these products. Now this was the dream I had five years ago. I was able to get a group of people, we came together and we started but something was missing in my technological driven idea. We wanted a platform like we have Jumia; but having such a platform would cost a lot of money especially when you need a programmer and developer, so we went as far as 75% with a particular bank and everything is still in progress as we speak.

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One can be lazy either in their mind or in the things they do. It is very dangerous to be lazy in the mind because that is where the hard work is done. And mind work is supposed to be done first before any other thing. Eric Thompson mentioned that every skill could be learnt if you put your mind into it. So I continued in learning the skills on programming and developing and after all the sleepless nights and data I spent, in a space of 5 months I was good enough to write a Google exam and scored as high as 95%.

If you don’t have money right now then you don’t need the money, whatever comes to your mind, start with it. Today we have an idea we are looking at selling to the bank for a good amount of money and we have been able to contact a good lawyer that is helping us out with the whole process.

Money isn’t everything, because if I was just there doing nothing and waiting for money then things wouldn’t have been the way they are today. My name is Craig Iredia and I run a technological firm called Codexter. I am also a Cisco Certified Specialist.

A lot of people are selling things online but not all of these are working. The good thing about online business is that one’s your platform runs, your business runs.

We have something online called Queens Bell, it’s an application that allows you to order home service hair stylist with a 100% cash-back guarantee if you do not like the service that was rendered to you.

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I got this idea a certain day when my wife came back home angry with a bad hair-do. She could not get a refund for the mishap. This idea can be achieved through a business plan. You can learn things online just like I did and improve yourself.

Something happened lately in Halliburton. They needed something coupled but none of the numerous qualified engineers couldn't it done. This same thing was coupled in a space of fifteen minutes by a mere technician.

The best thing to do is start. Start with your pen, paper, meet people, connect and take bold steps. What matters is what you have and what you can show if you are being called upon at any point in time.

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