Experiencing the Puppy Dog Close and Our Zoom Meetings for Real Estate Professionals

Updated: Jul 20

Some years ago, my husband called me from his office and asked me to meet him at a popular mall in Victoria Island. I quietly escaped from my office hoping he had some surprise lunch for me.

On getting to the mall, he took me to the office of a real estate firm that was promoting the purchase of apartments in Dubai. The British man across the desk told us that they would like to take I and my husband to Dubai for us to spend a weekend at the apartment that they wanted us to buy. During the weekend, we would be chauffeur-driven around Dubai to see various attractions and given $1000 to shop while there. There were no strings attached as we were not mandated to buy the apartment after that. All we needed to do was pay about $2,500 for the entire trip - but we had to pay within 48 hours. The price tag on the 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai was $450,000 and according to him, that price was based on a huge discount. This happened around 2010.

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This is called: The Puppy Dog Close.

When you attend our Real Deal Breakfast Meeting on Closing the Real Estate Sale, we will explain why it is called The Puppy Dog Close. We will also teach you 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale.

Research has shown that it takes at least 5 different attempts at closing during a sales process to successfully close the sale. Knowing at least 5 different ways to close a sale is a start, knowing 24 closing techniques is even better. Once you understand the various techniques, you can choose which technique to use depending on what situation.

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Over the years, I have become rather alarmed at the high percentage of real estate opportunity promoters who do not understand the importance of how they present their offerings to potential clients. Few persons even understand that their professional networking activities have to be planned and strategic.

The purpose of the Zoom Meetings is to achieve the following:

1- Give delegates an opportunity to practice while learning

2- Implement certain milestones that will be used in growing a business.

3- Take advantage of the highly interactive nature of the coaching session to ask questions and gain clarity on the subject of the meeting.

During the Digital Media for Real Deals, we will work through the following areas of your business and learn the following topics:

1- 7 Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp Hacks plus Instagram Essentials for Real Estate Owners

2- Mastering Visuals, Content Development and Management

3- Essential Automations, Ezines and Productivity Tools

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During the Real Deal Closing the Sale Breakfast Meeting, we will coach you on the following topics:

1- The Pre-requisites of Selling

2- 24 Techniques to Closing the Sale

3- Sales Presentation Essentials

4- Your Business Card and other Sales Tools

Click here to reserve your FREE seat now for An Evening with Stephanie Pius on Zoom.

Each Coaching Session Investment includes the following:

- Learning Materials with PowerPoint slides

- Writing Materials

- one 30 minutes Live Call Session / Webinar for Real Estate Professionals

- 1 Free EBook on a Breakfast Meeting topic

Further details will be provided at the event.

Other Recommended Coaching Sessions for Real Estate Professionals and Business Owners:

- First Class

- Successful Networking with HNIs

- Business Development Strategy Session

To make payment, kindly use either of the following details:


Once you have paid, kindly send me the following information:

1- Your existing Social Media handles

2- Your website page where you showcase your current real estate offerings

3- Any PowerPoint presentations that you use to present to clients

4- Any existing videos or photographs that you use for clients.

5- Which real estate online portals do you use if any?

Click here to reserve your FREE seat now for An Evening with Stephanie Pius on Zoom.

I sincerely look forward to meeting with you and your team. Delegates will be put on a WhatsApp group after the meetings.

You can reach me via WhatsApp...

Doing Business is a program designed to equip business owners with the capacity to build standard business structures and expand their business continuously.

We would be simply delighted to work with you towards achieving your goals.

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