Gloria Starr visit

Gloria Starr spent 3 weeks in Nigeria training bankers, oil and gas industry executives, and various persons including a former Miss Nigeria.

Stephanie Pius speaking to guests at the reception
Stephanie Pius speaking to guests at the reception

During the visit, she was honoured to a reception held by legendary milliner, Eme Akenzua, the CEO of John 3v3 Hats, and Mrs. Grace Egbagbe, former NTA Director and Lagos socialite.

With Gloria Starr
With Gloria Starr

She was also hosted to a lovely evening reception, organized by Stephanie Pius, with members of the media, corporate executives, and celebrities at the Lagos Oriental Hotel.

Among attendees were Betty Irabor of Genevieve Magazine, and Soni Irabor of SIL.

During the visit, Gloria Starr was also invited to an evening with the American Women's Association after her brief visit to the United States Embassy.

Doing Business First Event in Port Harcourt was a blast!

Networking with Millionaires

Standing Out from the Crowd

The Five Star Customer Experience Forum

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