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Updated: Jun 26

Five years ago Matthew and Henry were on the same level as colleagues in the same bank. Today, Matthew has a choice to either resign from the bank and face his business full time or take up the new position his bank just gave him as head of a new department.

Henry has not been promoted in five years, he now hates his job but he is afraid of resigning as he has nowhere else to go as the job market looks bleak, post COVID 19.

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What made the difference?

Matthew adopted cutting edge technological skills while Henry held on to his old way of doing things. As technology evolves, the professional or business owner also needs to keep up with the changes in technology and ensure that he or she has the essential skills needed to navigate today’s world and overcome the odds of being able to do business.

There has been a massive surge in the need for individuals and SMEs to adopt digital skills and enhance their online presence. Join me as I hold your hand through the maze of:

1. Tapping into your Social Power for business development

2. Re-positioning your business for online success

3. Displaying your capabilities and achievements to attract the right networks

4. An Implementation Roadmap for turning your knowledge into actual outcomes

Theme - Up Your Online Power Game

Join Stephanie Pius on an exciting journey of supercharging your online presence, re-positioning for explosive growth and a truly fun learning experience.

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM

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Who is Stephanie Pius?

And What is the Doing Business Programme?

Stephanie Pius has hosted radio programmes on five radio stations, published articles in 11 magazines and produced two TV programmes to help professionals and business owners to develop capacity and achieve more with what they have. She has also published six books, some of which you can access here on Amazon or Paystack.

She has helped several business owners to plan, strategize, structure, and re-position their businesses such that they can increase market share.

She also helps illustrious executives who desire to position their profile and their business for further expansion and impact by giving them easy, on-demand learning media that is tailored to their specific needs.

Our learning platforms also provide a step-by-step guide on how to expand career or business into the global scene and harness the myriad of opportunities that are available for leaders to conquer new territories and make more impact.

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Topic: Up Your Online Power Game

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