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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your financial status?

Does financial freedom appeal to you?

Do you want to be in charge of your personal or family economy?

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Then Forsythe CICS is your answer.

Forsythe CICS is a registered cooperative under the Ministry of Commerce since 2015. Forsythe offers credit, financial markets, and crowdfunded income opportunities to customers.

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At Forsythe CICS, you will learn business development skills, how to navigate and take advantage of various markets, and how to participate in various projects that will yield tangible income for you.

Forsythe CICS is a results-oriented establishment with world-class customer service; committed to helping clients achieve financial expansion through the world’s largest financial markets, AgriTech, Real Estate programmes, and MSME trainings.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Forsythe CICS:

What is Forsythe CICS about?

Forsythe is a co-operative that pulls funds together for members to get income through real estate, AgriTech, MSME development, and Financial Markets stakes. Forsythe CICS, in partnership with ITM Trading Academy, also trains members on how to trade in the financial markets either through the first level learning programme or the second level training programme, which is the High Frequency Trading (HFT) learning programme.

What does CICS stand for?

CICS is an abbreviation for Cooperative, Investment, and Credit Society.

What makes Forsythe different from other co-operatives?

At Forsythe, our management employ various risk management strategies through the diversification of project funding ideas to grow funds for our members.

At Forsythe, we are very transparent (We are one of very few co-operatives that show our clients our procedures and history of service). We are also very open to responding to questions from our members and would-be members.

Excellent customer service and client relations is a key tenet of our institution.

Is Forsythe registered?

Yes, we are registered with the Ministry of Commerce in the state where we are located in Nigeria. We also have bye-laws that govern our policies and procedures within the Cooperative.

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What Partners does Forsythe work with?

We are in partnership with ITM Traders Academy. They are our partners for the Financial Markets trainings that we offer to our members.

We are also in partnership with Doing Business Africa, which is responsible for our MSME training and Business Advisory programmes.

Our third partner is Outsourceries Ltd. They are a consulting firm based in Cologne, Germany and they create career development programmes for youths and professionals in Africa.

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What is the durability of Forsythe?

The investments that Forsythe CICS do are durable investments. The projects and programmes are the perfect focus for a developing nation like Nigeria.

Our MSME development programmes are programmes that are key to Nigeria’s socio-economic development. For that reason alone, we know that we are at the fore-front of our target market needs and therefore we will stand the test of time.

Real Estate investments are sound investments as the prices of real estate appreciate in value in a developing economy. Nigeria has one of the best return on investments in the real estate sector.

Our partner, ITM Trading Academy, specializes in the financial markets information and education. They are in partnership with FXOPEN. The financial markets can never go under. It is like predicting that giant institutions like Amazon, Google or Microsoft will crash someday. No! It means the world will collapse as well. Financial markets are said to be the base or blood of world economy.

Does Forsythe offer financial trainings?

Our partner, ITM Trading Academy, offers two levels of practical trading trainings, and walk-in sessions that hold weekly.

The first level is the Essential Markets Training programme. The second level is the High frequency Trading (HFT) Training programme.

Both trainings can be offered in-venue or online through webinars.

How can business owners participate in the Forsythe Doing Business Africa Programme?

We offer 3 levels of membership to business owners in the Doing Business Africa Programme. A MSME-owner can choose which programme to participate in based on their type of business, time available for participation, business goals, and stage of business development.

We have different programmes for start-ups, established businesses, and export-market businesses in partnership with UPS. We also offer services to large corporates.

Our vision for the Doing Business Africa Programme is to promote business development skills, a productivity culture, and Technology Literacy in Africa. We also aim to improve the Human Development Index (HDI) among African nations and among Africans in the Diaspora.

Within the first year of Forsythe CICS’s operation, we plan to offer micro-credit services as well, to further increase our services to MSMEs and diversify our real-sector investments.

Currently, our focus is on business development and business advisory services to MSMEs.

What does MSME stand for?

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

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