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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Over the past four years, I have earned foreign exchange from offering services to foreign companies right from Nigeria.

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In 2016, I facilitated a series of events for Slovak government institutions through a contact I had developed prior to that time.

Earlier that year, I had carried out some consulting work for a Brazilian businessman who was working with the Nigerian Olympics Committee (NOC) towards their cultural participation in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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In 2017, I carried out research, grant proposal writing and editing work for Austrian, Slovak and Hungarian owned companies. These initial jobs later grew into full scale corporate meetings planner and business advisory opportunities for the same clients. This opportunity earned me the largest foreign services income I had earned up until that time.

In 2018, I got involved in a series of business brokerage opportunities for commodities trading by helping commodities buyers to find sellers and vice-versa.

In 2019, I continued in the same business and also engaged in personal capacity building so that I could export digital media services as well.

I was able to get an Australian beauty company to partner with me towards the promotion of Australian beauty products to the Australian market through affiliate marketing.

This also earned me foreign exchange at the time. I am currently in the process of expanding the range of products that we market on that same platform to other things beyond beauty products.

How did I get into exporting my services?

And what inspired me to look beyond the shores of Nigeria for consulting opportunities?

In April 2016, I was invited by a friend who was affiliated with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council to attend a 4-day intense training on Service Export, which was facilitated by Dr. Obiora Madu of the Multimix Academy. I had attended an Export Agent training in 2006 with Dr. Madu’s academy which led me to introduce the academy to the Export Desk of the bank where I was working at the time.

The 4-day Intense Service Export Course was a very informative and inspiring 4 days of learning. Topics that were covered included:

· Constraints to Exporting Services plus the Roadmap for Exporting Services.

· Creative Industry Success Stories

· The Advantage of being in Nigeria

· Digital Media for Your Service Export Business

· Service Inputs for Manufacturing Industry

Statistics from International Trade Centre indicate that by 2050, 80% of the work force worldwide will be working in services.

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‘Knowledge is now becoming the one factor of production, sidelining both capital and labour.‘

Peter Drucker

Services are the fastest growing sector of the global economy with trade and investment growing faster in services than in goods.

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In Nigeria, the services sector witnessed some considerable growth in first half of 2019, albeit a slowdown of 2.4 percent in 2019 Q2. However, the sector remains the main contributor to GDP in Nigeria post GDP rebasing, and the share intensified in 2019.

With a contribution of 54.46 per cent to GDP, the sector was the single highest contributor to Nigeria’s GDP.

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation, Transportation, and Storage sub-sectors were the main drivers of the contribution of the sector to GDP.

I'm no more an export illiterate. I'm a Multimix mentee.

The lecture videos and highly interactive sessions provided detailed information, a wealth of insights, and clarity needed to kick start and succeed in the service export business - especially as a beginner.

I think this program needs to be given adequate publicity so it can reach more potential service export value chain players. That's why I am making this opportunity known to the Doing Business community.

The program provided the fundamental knowledge requirements to equip both existing and potential service export players so they are well-prepared and effective in this sector.

Statistics from International Trade Centre indicate that by 2050, 80% of the work force worldwide will be working in services. Generally, when people talk about exports, they are referring to product exports without knowledge of the fact that the fastest growing type of exports is services.

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More and more companies are finding more profit in exporting services, and several trends show that that it is growing much faster than the products.

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What is a Service Export?

Recently, Sani, who is a graduate of my Real Estate Marketing (add link to Webinar registration) course sold a prime property in Lekki’s Chevy View Estate to a client who lives in the USA. That’s an export of services.

If you conduct tours for Nigerians in the diaspora as a travel agent, that’s an export in services. If you get students from Nigeria for foreign universities and earn foreign exchange commissions, that’s an export of services.

You “export” your services whenever they are purchased by a foreign customer.

Member countries of the World Trade Organization have agreed this can happen through any one of four “modes of supply”:

· Mode 1: Your service crosses the border from Nigeria to another country (e.g., e-mailing or faxing or couriering a report to a customer).

· Mode 2: Your customer crosses the border temporarily (e.g., foreign executives attending a training seminar you give in Nigeria; tourists to Nigeria, etc)

· Mode 3: Your service firm establishes a commercial presence abroad (e.g., a local or regional office)

· Mode 4: You or your staff cross the border into your customer’s market to provide a service (e.g., you deliver a training session at your customer’s office).

The defining question is: "Are you getting paid by a non-Nigerian, regardless of where the service delivery actually takes place?" If your answer is “yes,” then you are exporting a service.

Companies become service exporters, if they are paid for their services by someone from another country, regardless of where the service is provided

or where the payment is made.

This course is actually for serious minded services companies and individuals whether they are currently exporting or not. 2/3 of services export is done locally. Services are the fastest growing sector of the global economy with trade and investment growing faster in services than in goods.

This course will help service oriented companies to improve on quality of service delivery in the domestic market and ultimately mature for the export market. For those already exporting, they will have the capacity to expand their horizon into more markets.

At the end of the course, as an active participant, you will be able to achieve the following:

· Evaluate your capacity for service business and export.

· Sell your services to clients in the international market.

· Use Digital Marketing to actually export your services to foreign clients

· Offer high quality service locally and internationally

The CSE program is designed to help professionals in the Service Sector to become competent and knowledgeable in the current export environment.

Participation in the CSE program will provide numerous opportunities for honing your skills while continuing to stay up with the rapidly changing marketplace within which you function. Identify export trends and understand international market research and entry.

The CSE Program is offered by Multimix Academy. Multimix Academy is the foremost and only Supply Chain Management focused training institute in Nigeria, and an established thought-leader in the field of International Trade and Logistics with over 25-years of experience.

An integrated capacity-building firm that provides exceptionally high-quality international business and logistics education and intervention, Multimix Academy is affiliated to and accredited by most international Supply Chain bodies and institutions.

Our faculty is made up of vibrant and experienced professionals with real life experience focused on ensuring participants go beyond the theoretical.

Our courses are designed to meet market requirements and satisfy the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Dr. Obiora Madu is the Chief Facilitator and CEO of Multimix Academy. Dr. Madu, an Adjunct Professor of Malaysia University of Science & Technology, holds a Doctorate in Business Administration DBA from SMC University Switzerland.

He was a recipient of the 2014 National Productivity Order of Merit Award NPOM from the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Madu has over 33 years of related work experience with international corporate exposure in international trade, customs and maritime, as well as transport and logistics/supply chain management.

His experience in training and capacity building cuts across all the industries. This is evident in his numerous activities, which are too many to list. Learn more at http://www.obioramadu.com/

Some of the biggest reasons you should be in the service business includes:

· No capital required

· No inventory to worry about

· You are selling your expertise

· You can work from home

· It is the fastest growing component of global trade

· It is a huge contributor to national GDP

· You can operate locally and internationally

Some photographs from our service export activities


1. Service Export Overview

2. Successful Services Exporting

3. Digital Marketing for Service Export

4. Service Level Agreement

Entry Requirements: OND, HND, BSC. Candidates with SSCE/GCE

Tuition fee: covers Admission form, Materials and Lecture and Exams: Click here to find out more via WhatsApp.

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