Borderless Icons: Promoting African Youth Empowerment Programs with Vonti Bright

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

She loves Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, and has some interesting opinions of Akwaeke Emezi’s Freshwater.

Her passion centers on using arts, culture, and technology as a catalyst for socio-economic change; while showcasing the incredible entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of African communities. Her name is Vonti Bright.

Vonti Bright has a deep desire to establish African youth empowerment programs that can proffer lasting solutions to the problems in African nations.

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From helping budding entrepreneurs to access funding for impactful projects; to setting up youth-centered coaching programs, Bright has established herself as a mission-driven professional. She is committed to helping youths in Africa.

Over the past ten years, Bright has worked, volunteered, and participated in the International Education and Relations Industry.

Vonti Bright, hails from Grand Bassa Country Liberia. In 2018, Bright co-founded MaMardia.

MaMardia was established as a Liberian organization to partner with GeoVisions, an International exchange agency, for its African youth empowerment programs in Liberia.

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These programs include the Red Project and the Wrolomondeh Coaching Program. She was recently selected as a member of the Liberian Women Engagement Project by African Transformative Innovation Projects.

She has a BA in Political Science from Richmond, The American International University in London, and a Mast