Senanu Arkutu Takes African Living to the World

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

……………….by Kovie Adu

Senanu Arkutu has found what some may call her sweet spot. A place where she can promote her love for beautiful African arts and crafts. The colourful and skillfully crafted interior pieces also reflect her fine education and cosmopolitan background.

Africa has so much that the world is yet to discover with reference to her places, events, style, cuisine, culture and even people. One of such outstanding persons adding value to our continent is the beautiful Senanu Arkutu. Her poise, great personality and dazzling smile can best be described as enchanting and elegant.

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Arkutu is a Ghanaian who was born in Tanzania. She is also a mother who left a twelve-year career in Reproductive Health and International Development, after a coveted Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, to pursue her passion for indigenous arts, crafts, and home décor. Her passion and experience has grown into a skill, based on her belief that one’s space should be their haven.

She is the founder and CEO of DAAR Living: an interior styling firm that is truly African, antique and contemporary, but mixed with European and Arab influences.

Her unique selling point for DAAR Living is her ability to listen to clients, and offer products that cater to a blend of both feelings and individual taste. Arkutu has often stated that she draws