The Five Star Customer Experience Forum for Hotels and Restaurants

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

On one of the recent radio episodes, I narrated about 14 different stories of my experiences in various hotels and restaurants across the country on Doing Business on Today 95.1FM. I took extra care to protect the identities of these hotels and restaurants. However, having taken the time to browse through the ratings of various hotels on hotel bookings and ratings platforms such as TripAdvisor,,, Wakanow, Jumia Travel, and Expedia; I have come to realize that many hotels are at risk of extinction through the ratings that are given to them online by customers who are at liberty to mention which hotel or restaurant they received services from.

There is freedom of expression online. Platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Instagram have taken freedom of expression, word-of-mouth information, and customer complaints to a whole new level. This calls for some level of alertness on the part of hotels and restaurant operators. The earlier hotels and restaurant owners understand this, the more they can take advantage of the system rather than become victims of the system. The speed at which businesses vanish in Nigeria as a whole is alarming and we need to make the effort to secure our MSMEs and make them last through generations.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, a Japanese hotel that began welcoming samurais to its hot springs in 705 AD (over 1300 years) is the oldest business in the world. There are over 15 other hotels that are over 1000 years old and dozens that are over 500 years old. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has been managed by the same Japanese family for 52 generations! (Courtesy: Thrill List)

Managing a business that can transcend generations, and continue to provide job opportunities; while adding value to the local economy, is not rocket science, and can be done even in Port Harcourt.

To this end, we are introducing our annual pre-Christmas and New Year hospitality industry managers and proprietors event titled:

The Five Star Customer Experience Forum for Hotels and Restaurants

During this forum, we will be discussing:

1. How to promote your hotel / restaurant business online and offline through the best channels.

2. 20 ways to build a strong customer base through relationship management for hotel / restaurant.

3. 5 Powerful but Simple Branding Strategies for your hotel / restaurant.

4. 20 Ways to get new customers for your hotel / restaurant today.

Lagos Event ....Fee: N12,000

Date: Thursday May 15th 2020

Time: 8AM to 3PM

Venue: Marianna Residence, Teslim Elias Close, Victoria Island, Lagos

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The gate fee for the event admits two persons, preferably owners and supervisors / managers.

Refreshments and learning materials will be provided including some essential tools for efficient hotel / restaurant business management.

During the event, Stephanie Pius - the facilitator, will discuss the planned topics and share her vast experience in the industry, having worked in some of the best hospitality businesses in the United Kingdom and managed expatriate hospitality services in Nigeria. This will bring home the points discussed in the learning sessions so that the participants can learn from them and garner essential ideas.

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