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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In my experience as a business consultant, I have met a lot of entrepreneurs who stood in the way of their own success. They were the reason they could no longer go any further. They had become trapped by certain elements of their own success. Some of these elements included the people around them.

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Catherine had managed to move from selling bananas in the market to supplying fruits, vegetables and other foods items to offshore catering companies. She had grown the business over the years to the extent that her children now worked within the business and managed various operations within

the business.

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Catherine’s niece, Rose, who was a business consultant had moved to the city where Catherine lived. The niece advised Catherine to expand her business by packaging the foods to supply to supermarkets as well. She pointed out other businesses that specialized in that and how she could tap into the market. She also advised her to consider getting into the restaurant, outdoor catering, or offshore catering business.

Catherine liked the ideas, but when she considered the fact that she was uneducated, she doubted she would be able to harness such business opportunities. She then thought about empowering her niece to startup the businesses for her; but upon consultation with her children and her husband, they advised her against it and pointed out that because Rose was not her daughter, she may ‘run away’ with her business.

Rose had the ideas and was excited about the opportunities she could see in her aunt’s business but she lacked the capital to bring her own investment into the business. Eventually she had to give up on the ideas as Catherine suddenly appeared unwilling to partner with her in expanding the business.

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