What is Exposure?

An excerpt from Stephanie Pius' presentation on Friday November 1st at the Doing Business event held at the Port Hracourt Literary Society Library Building.

Once you have your mind open you can get anything. You have to find a way to get your mind open. That's what exposure is. Exposure is not that you went to stay in London for one month or that you went to do your Masters abroad. There are people that were born and bred abroad that are not exposed.

Exposure is your capacity to interact with your environment, affect it, impact it, and make something out of it. When you have enough of that you can go anywhere and you can stand anywhere. There is an old adage in African Proverbs that says that when a child washes his hands he can eat with the elders. So keep washing your hands until they are very clean.

Only two million people in Germany do agriculture, but they produce 5 times as much as Nigeria and their land is not that big. In Nigeria, we have 70 million people doing agriculture but we produce only one-fifth of what two million people produced in Germany.

So you can see where technology, and research, and personal development, and as far as your eyes can see comes in. It makes all the difference. Our handicap is in the mind. It is not whether they are good roads, it is not whether there is light or whether Nigerian has good leaders, that's not what the real handicap is, the real handicap is in the mind. If you can afford books, please buy them. books carry gold. Don't ignore books. We are where we are because we do not read enough. We keep reinventing the wheel. Something someone has researched and discovered that you can just simply learn from a book, you now have to experience it all over again to discover what they already discovered 20 years ago.

Because you don't read. You will be doing things they already discovered that doesn't work.

If our leaders read we won't be here because what they are doing, another country has done it before and discovered that it didn't work. If you open a book, there are lots of things you can learn from that book. And if you have an area, find books in that area because you can't read everything.

I have an area and that area is Digital Media so I focus on books on Digital Media. I didn't have these books before now, but I had to start buying them because I need them, so read widely in any area you find yourself so you do not have to keep doing things that others have tried and found that it didn't work.

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